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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Probably you would agree with me that <this is Leonie and you would not tell me she is just an outcome of my mental disturbances, right? I just try to build a foundation of our mutual understanding about things. So then, let us step forward a bit and try to find another mutual understanding of things. What do you see here>

Wether I want to call you a fool? Not really, but probably. I call these things a nearly healthy sky in nearly Marine Blue and therein proper clouds. When did you see such sky your last time. If you are like many humans actually are, you now look a bit outbrained, trying to find an inner picture of this kind of experience in your past. A Marine Blue Sky with real clouds inside. But better than nothing, you are trying to remember and do not just start to outlaw and overhand me to the next Gagga-House in order to get my next Chemoprophylaxe.

So now as we got such agreement to not bring one another in prison let us step forward and try to find an explanations for this:

Sauberer Himmel
  • Probably it is a footage? Yes such thing exist. Why don`t you consider such footages when Mainstream Medias are showing you  pictures?
  • The pilot had been an artist. Why not, there are so many artists now, who do not know how to get your attention. Did it work? No? That means they will stop to paint the sky?
  • The pilot had been drunk? Could be but does not explain the coloured sky.
Yeah, such and simular stupid answers could come but only from somebody who does not deny to see these figures on the sky. These people are hardly in danger to find out the truth. But the rest will continue to deny and will probably get a danger for all real humans by their never ending compliance with a non-human system. Medicins who drug people sick till death, scientest who design more and more deadly techniques against humanity, workers who put poison in peoples food, clothes and water or houses. A long list of compliance: you people are dangerous and I feel pissed off about you. The few insane 1 % selfcrowned Elite is nothing without you. Feel well and tell your children what a heroe you had been to leave them an environment of death.