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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Moon  and other influences
The moon is searching hardly for its place, did you realize this? Everytime he is moving where we were not so very much used to. So I am looking around what ideas other people could have to that, did they even realize these changes? Sometimes we can see now the moon in the daytime right aside the sun - if we can see anything, because we get blocked with the chemtrails.
So here some videos. Who build the moon? David Icke - The Moon  Matrix 1-6

Amnesty International like others who were to be expected to be on the side of humanity got a traitor on Libya and Muammar Gaddafi. Therefore many people signed their election for the biggest human rights heroe of 2011 and A.I. removed the results as seen and we do not wonder. We learnt already what "democracy" gets to be when it is done by the people: pure Facism. Many people could see who were leading the election of A.I.: Both of the latest Sacrifices of the Illuminati, Muammar Gaddafi who led his folk against them and Michael Jackson who informed his worldwide fans about plans to destroy humanity and the planet were running the race together like African Brothers. I am suggesting everybody, if not done already, do not support any longer Amnesty International. They are deceiving people. Refuse them any mental as well as financial support. Show them that you are somebody who they cannot manipulate. Just go over this special thing you might not have known. The matter of the so called Falun Gong who used to make propaganda worldwide against the Chinese Government who would torture and kill them. Is not what you know about this case? I posted here an Interview in which a  former Chinese president Jiang Zemin expressed  in an interview that they do not have problems with people who are following their religions but that they do not see the Falun Gong as a Church but Cult (very late in the long interview but which is in its total very interesting, note as well the arrogance of the Journalist) simular to this one and whose leader even become a Billionaire. We should wonder how to get such Billionaire as such deeply opressed persons.  As if they never heard anything about the way China is seeing these things.Amnesty International is deceiving you/us people to believe that things in China would be demonic. I do not say this is not the case (where not? and especial at most, not so in US?), in fact I do not know, but I know very much horrific things about the US treaty which is using all kinds of manipulations throughout Media and NGOs to overthrow governments. US as the biggest traitor on human rights by its never ending killings on people since conception should be watched carefully and all of their official statements on human rights. These rights used to get claimed before many many humans have to die by those who will commit crimes as war crimes on them. What we got to see in Libya has not anything to do with human rights but with non-human-rights on torture, rape and murdering of people. This is what Amnesty International had in the files about Muammar Gaddafi: not before the war startet but in order to start the war. The US and all of their corrupted enteties misused even our human language; "human rights" how are we going to call them now,. shall we forget about them because we cannot even use the word anymore as it got seriously abused?
So let us be careful, to not get deceived with human rights: as more far as more less we are able to know things different than done by Hollywood Productions. If there are somewhere on Earth abuses on Human Rights we have to think, that people over there are capable to fix things them own. Anything else brings excluding an horrible desaster of  war done by  criminal societies who are recruiting criminal and addicted subjects as mercenaries and in their interest to depopulate humanity and even to earn money out of this kind of business. Inner Affairs of Countries and Regions are inner affairs. Go for your own inner affairs in your region. And go for this right that people in their region do what they need and wish. Please keep this well in mind whenever you just feel you should support NATO in anyhow. Nato is a criminal organisation. If you do not believe me, you should not, please do researches til you know what's up. The same thing we have to do when Mainstream is blowing things into our brain that we might be ready to pay their wars on humans all over the world.We have to learn to question everything but not to get crazy by it. We have to go for our values as humans. We cannot miss any of us and especially not our heroes. You might have felt that you are very sad. Consider it is about the many of people who died in Libya. They sacrificed themselves for us so that we can see in which danger humanity is. We must know, who we are this will lead us through the biggest manipulations. Be sure when they end the manipulations you see only dark forces. Do not wait such long.